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Dear Season Pass Holders,

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the 2023-2024 Ice at Stuytown season, and to thank you for your continuing support!  Below are the new rules and procedures for the current season:


Reservations are not required

Because Covid-19 restrictions have been eased in New York City, you will no longer be required to reserve your skate times.  You can enter the rink at anytime during regular business hours.

Daily time limits

Because of the overwhelming success of the ice rink, we must limit the amount of pass holder visits to ONE(1)  

2 HOUR SESSION PER DAY, beginning at your time of check-in.   This will allow as many of your fellow PCVST residents to enjoy the rink as possible.   

QR Codes replacing physical cards

All pass holders will be required to sign a waiver, good for the whole season, upon purchasing their passes.  Once the waivers are completed, you will receive an individual QR code for each pass holder.  These QR Codes will serve as your season passes.    We will no-longer issue season-pass cards.  These QR "passes" will be ready to use on your first visit.  Once you receive your QR codes upon filling out each individual waiver, you can either keep all of the QR code "passes" together in one easy to find location on your mobile device(best for those members under 10 years of age), or distribute them to the individual pass-holders for storage on their individual mobile devices (a screen shot capture for ease of location is recommended).   Please note: Each QR code "pass" will have the name of each pass holder at the top.  Pass holders will need to verify their ID with their PCVST IDs upon check-in.  



As always, we would like to thank you for becoming a valued member of The Ice at Stuytown.  Together we can make this the most exciting season ever for all the residents of PCVST!

Best regards,

Your Ice at Stuytown Team

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